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Organized as a member of the family of companies of South Construction Company formed in 1968, Lentile Construction Company is a Georgia registered sub-chapter S corporation that has been in business since 1982. In these many years, Lentile Construction Company has heavily focused efforts on the education sector. Our company overhead in employees and expenditure is deliberately kept small in order to instill family values, work ethic and respect for all. Every project, whether $50,000 or $50M, is led by the company principals who will work diligently with each client to create beautiful, durable buildings at the lowest cost possible.

Lentile Construction Ownership 

Lentile Construction is a 40% female owned company.


Tim Lentile


Hugh Lentile, III


Dr. Leigh Lentile


Larissa Lentile



Tim P. Lentile


Over the past 40-plus years, Tim Lentile has worked in the construction industry from the bottom up and has an extensive knowledge in all areas of the construction process. Tim has served as the President of Lentile Construction Company since 1982, and his current responsibilities include: Project Manager, General Contractor, and Consultant. He was the Vice President and Project Manager of South Construction Company from 1972-2000. Tim earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology where he was a member of the Chi Omega Civil Engineering Honor Society. He is currently a member of the Association of General Contractors of Georgia, Inc., and is a licensed General Contractor in the state of Georgia.


Hugh G. Lentile, Jr.


Hugh has been involved in the construction industry throughout his entire life and is known for his meticulousness and dedication to fulfilling the requirements of the contract, regardless of the circumstances. He has served as the CEO and President of South Construction Company since 1968 and has been involved, to varying degrees, on every project undertaken by our three companies. Hugh is currently the CEO and Project Executive of Lentile Construction and is in charge of overseeing the project team and reviewing the budgeting and scheduling processes. Hugh earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University where he was a member of several honor groups. He is a member of the Association of General Contractors  of Georgia, Inc., serving as a member of the Board of Directors. Hugh also is a licensed General Contractor in the state of Georgia.


Hunter Knight


With over eleven years of experience in the construction industry, Hunter brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Lentile Construction. Hunter has been involved in numerous educational projects throughout his tenure with the company, demonstrating a deep understanding of the unique demands and challenges of such projects. As a Superintendent, Hunter is responsible for overseeing daily on-site work, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. He is also a valuable asset when it comes to coordination and communication, facilitating seamless collaboration among various stakeholders. Hunter's unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction is evident in everything he does, making him an indispensable member of our team. We are confident that his expertise and dedication will contribute to the success of any construction project he works on.

Home Office Team

Gaye Knight

Comptroller/Corporate Secretary



Alva Jackson




Natoya Hill

IT Director/Executive Assistant



"We have been extremely pleased with the process and products provided by Lentile Construction. They have provided excellent planning, documentation, communication, and delivery throughout each construction project. Our projects with Lentile Construction have finished ahead of schedule and under budget."

Dr. Kevin Smith

Superintendent - Pierce County Board of Education

H. LeVance Gay II   

Assistant Superintendent - Pierce County Board of Education

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