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Lentile Construction Company is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction. With each project, our team works diligently to build a reputation of quality work completed within or under time and budget projections. With our own family values in mind, we as a company provide commitment, passion and experience to meet the needs of our clients.


Lentile Construction Company provides most of its expertise in school construction. Our work is mostly located in smaller, wide-spread rural school districts where schools also resonate as gathering places for the community. We believe that high-quality buildings inspire teachers and students alike to do their best work, and we understand that these major projects rarely come along for any district. Aligned with our own family values, we focus our work on being committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity while ensuring client and community satisfaction.


Lentile Construction Company, centrally located in Dublin, Georgia, has most recently been instrumental in renovation or new construction of over 1.4 Million square feet of educational facilities for six repeat clients.  We have always maintained positive working relationships with our customers and continue to win competitive selections on multiple projects within an organization.


Our company prides itself on its reputation for respectfully and fairly reaching solutions to complex problems. Our family of companies, since its inception in 1968, has never been involved in litigation of any sort with an owner, architect, subcontractor, tradesman nor material-man. Our clients help define who we are, and we are proud to help them as their business and facilities continue to grow and evolve.


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